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October 7th - Mallows Bay




Past Events — stay tuned for more like this!


September 3 and 6,  Moonlight Tour on Mattawoman Creek — 5:00 to 7:30 pm

$60 per person

Discover the beauty of Mattawoman Creek by the light of the silvery moon.


September 16,  Twilight Tour on Mattawoman Creek — 5:00 to 7:30 pm

$60 per person

Discover the birds and critters at dusk that make Mattawoman Creek their home.


Invasive Plant Removal — Save the Natives!  April 1 from 9 to noon

Mattingly Park, Indian Head


Mallows Bay World War I Centennial Commomoration April 22, 2017


Fascinating Birds of Mattawoman Creek

Discover the birds that make Mattawoman Creek their home, from soaring Bald Eagles to energetic little Red-winged Blackbirds. Learn how each bird plays an important role in this globally rare, tidal freshwater ecosystem.


Underwater Wonders

Meet live animals and plants that inhabit Mattawoman Creek and discover what they need to live and grow.  See how tiny glass shrimp defend themselves and learn about edible wild rice and American lotus that line the shores of this beautiful creek.


The Mysterious American Eel

Take a journey learning about the life cycle and ecology of the mysterious American eel. Meet a live freshwater mussel and its fish host, the American eel, and see different types of eel traps used by watermen.


Who Polluted Mattawoman Creek?

 Play the hands-on game “Who Polluted Mattawoman Creek,” learn about water quality, and see how to help keep Mattawoman Creek and other Chesapeake Bay tributaries clean.

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